We invite you to spend a few moments looking at our new library Web site. With help from the State Library of Iowa, we are able to create a place on the Web where you, our customers, can explore, learn and get help with all your information needs.

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Chilton's Vehicle Library can give you repair and maintenance guides.
It also contains valuable purchasing, recall, and value information. 

Password:  goldfinch


Click the link, locate the database you would like to search,  and enter the password 'goldfinch'.  Type in any search term of your choice on these topics and more:  Gardening, Business, Herbs, Health, Fitness, History, Culinary Arts, Recipes, etc.  You will get authoritative magazine,  journal articles, and book results.


Click on the Bridges picture above.  Select Ringsted Library, and enter your library card number.  Enjoy a wonderful selection of E-Books and Audio-Books to use on your electronic device!