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  1. The Internet access computer will be available during normal library hours, subject to periodic maintenance and certain times when the library staff will need to access the Internet for library research and Interlibrary Loan transactions, therefore this will take priority over patron use.


  2. Library staff will log users on and off the Internet.


  3. Patrons will be allowed computer time, whether on a reserved or walk-in basis, in the chronological order in which requests are received.  Computer time may be reserved in advance by calling or visiting the library and placing one's name on the reserve schedule.  The maximum length of computer time a person may reserve in one block is 30 minutes.  If a patron fails to show up by ten minutes after the beginning of his or her scheduled reserved time, the reservation will be considered as forfeited, and others may be allowed to use the computer.  If no one is waiting to use the computer, the patron may continue for a second 30 minute segment.


  4. No more than two persons using or watching the use of the computer at one time without the consent of the library staff.  If there are two people on the computer at the same time, the time allowed is still only 30 minutes, not 30 minutes per person.  Both people cannot sit there and one get up and the other person use another 30 minutes.  It is only a 30 minute time slot no matter if there is one or two people.  Limit per day is one hour.


  5. Patrons cannot send or receive e-mail (electronic mail) using the Library's e-mail address.  If they wish to send e-mail they need to set up their own account using Hot Mail or other free e-mail sites.


  6. Patrons will not be allowed to order merchandise over the Internet.


  7. Patrons will not be allowed to download software from the Internet.


  8. You may not use your own software programs on the Internet Access computer.  This will help prevent computer viruses that are common on public computers.


  9. There is a .25 cents per page charge for printing .


10. You may not be able to always go to the places on the Internet you want to visit.  There are many reasons, among them:


      *there are too many Internet visitors and the host computer has closed or limited access from the "outside world"


      *the database or resource is licensed to a particular institution, in which case you would need to be affiliated with the institution in order to get access


      *the host computer has changed its address or has closed down


      *the library's Internet connection may be periodically and temporarily inoperable due to technical difficulties.



      If a problem occurs that you are not able to get anything pulled up, please notify the staff and they will come and reset the computer.


11. Absolutely no food or drink is allowed in the computer area.


12. Misuse of computer or Internet access will result in the loss of your computer privileges.  The length of the suspension is at the discretion of the library staff.






                                                                         RINGSTED PUBLIC LIBRARY


Internet Access Registration and Use Agreement






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The Ringsted Public Library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content.  As with other library materials, restriction of a child's access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian.


I have read, understood, and agree to abide by all the policies and rules governing Internet access and Internet computer use in the Ringsted Public Library.


I understand that failure to follow these rules will result in the loss of Internet access privileges.


I agree to pay any costs incurred through negligence, carelessness, or deliberate misuse.





Parent/Legal Guardian Signature (if under 18)                                                                           







Adopted by Ringsted Public Library Board November, 1998

Revised October, 2005  Reviewed January 2009  Reviewed January 2013, Revised August 2015 Reviewed September 2018.