Library Policies








Mission Statement and General Goals                               p. 2-3


Long Range Plan                                                                   p. 4


Community Study                                                                 p. 5


Ringsted By-Laws                                                                 p. 6-7

          Library Board, Officers, Meetings, Committees

          Director, Amendments


Library Operations / Collection Development                  p. 8-13

          Borrowers’ Eligibility/Responsibility/Registration

          Confidentiality, Material Selection/Weeding/Censorship

          Open Borrowing Privileges, Gifts, Freedom to Read Policy

And Parental Responsibility, Request for

          Reconsideration of materials, Acquisitions, Reference



Internet Policy                                                                      p. 14-15

          Internet Registration Use Agreement    


Circulation Policy                                                                 p. 16

          Circulation Material, VHS DVD Music, Reserved Material,

          Schedule of Fees

Personnel Policy                                                                            p. 17-18

          Personnel, Salary, Probationary Period, Resignation,

          Tenure, Maternity/Bereavement Leave, Holidays, Closings,

          Training, Evaluation, Fringe Benefits, Volunteers


Director's Job Description                                                   p. 19-20

          General Duties, Specific Responsibilities



Mission Statement


The mission of the Ringsted Public Library is to serve the public and to ensure to all of the people the freedom to read and to freely choose from all sources of information and knowledge.  The library will provide materials, such as books, magazines, and audio-visual materials to enrich personal lives.  The library seeks to enhance knowledge and understanding, appreciation and wisdom in adults, young people and children.




The general library goals of the Ringsted Public Library shall be:




Goal 1:  The library’s daily operations shall be governed by written By-laws and policies, and administered in a competent manner.


1.   The Ringsted Public Library will employ a competent, certified Library Director on an on-going basis.

2.   The Ringsted Public Library will provide funds for continuing education and travel for the Library Director to gain knowledge and ideas for better service to our patrons on an on-going basis.

3.   To review by-laws and policies every 3 years and amend as necessary.

4.   To conduct a community survey every 5 years and to use this study in determining the needs of the community.

5.   The Library Director will keep the Library Board abreast of circulation statistics and upcoming needs and/or concerns of the library on an on-going basis.

Goal 2:  The Library Director and the Library Board will continually lobby the governing bodies for more funds to better fulfill the roles the Library Board has adopted.


1.   The Library Director and Board will present the annual budget request to the city council for increases in funding each year.


Collection Development


Goal 1:  All patrons regardless of age shall have access to a wide variety of materials to meet their needs for education, recreation, self-help, and information.


1.   Continually each year evaluate the collection; withdraw at least 3% of the collection and add at least 3% yearly.  This will enable the library to keep a fresh, attractive, and up-to-date collection.

2.   To continue to purchase based on demand as one method of selection.  Increased circulation figures will demonstrate the effectiveness of this.

3.   Participate in Open Access/Access Plus programs and any/all other State/Regional programs deemed beneficial for the public and the library.

Goal 2:  Provide better, quicker service to the patrons and have better control over overdue materials, lost items.







Programs and Services


Goal 1:  The children of the community are the future.  The service to these children must be emphasized.


1.   To provide a growing collection of new materials suitable for preschool on up.

2.   Continue to provide a summer program for the children.

3.   Look into providing a story time for the younger children in the community.

Goal 2:  To serve the needs of all age adults.


1.   To provide a growing collection of new material.


Public Relations


Goal 1:  Strive to raise the level of library awareness.


1.   Keep fresh, attractive window displays and bulletin boards.

2.   Continue to submit articles for publication in the Ringsted newspaper.

3.   Use the local cable channel as a means of announcing special activities.


Goal 2:  Celebrate Children's Book Week each year and National Library Week each year.


1.   Have special window display and/or inside display for Children's Book Week each year.

2.   Have special window display and/or inside display for National Library Week each year.




Goal 1:  Continue to employ a well qualified certified Library Director and staff.


1.   Provide adequate compensation to all staff.

2.   Provide for training and travel to maintain certification.





Goal 1:  Improve the physical layout of the library.


1.   Do Fall/Spring house cleaning annually, the Library Director will do other daily maintenance and cleaning.









Adopted by Ringsted Public Library Board October, 1996

Revised August, 2005  Reviewed January 2009  Reviewed January 2013  Reviewed Nov 2018

Ringsted Public Library Long Range Goals



Collection Development


GOAL: To provide a collection that satisfies the needs and desires of library patrons of all ages, including print and non-print materials.


1. The Library complete online catalog by 2023


2. By 2025 the library will relocate the children’s area while updating the makerspace, adding and deleting books.


3. Add more non-traditional check-out items to the library.




GOAL: Update interior and exterior of the building.


1. Move computers to a new location of the building by 2021.


2. Paint interior and exterior walls of building by 2025.


3. New book shelves for the children’s books by 2021.


Programs and Services


GOAL: To raise the level of library awareness while meeting identified patron needs and desires.


1. The Library Board and Director will utilize traditional media including radio and public access television, community bulletin boards, social media, and other available methods of informing the public about library services.


GOAL: Expand the children’s programming by 2021


1. Offering more programs for youth and adult.

2. Provide adequate resources to fulfill this goal.





Revised 2/2020                                Page 4

Revised August 2005

Reviewed January 2013, 2018

Revised February 2020




The City of Ringsted is a small rural community with a population of 436. Ringsted is located in Emmet County. The largest employer in Ringsted is the Ringsted Branch of the Stateline Co-op. Many of the residents are either involved in farming directly or have a business dependent on farming. Some residents commute to surrounding towns for employment. The closest metropolitan areas are Sioux Falls, SD which is two hours away and Mankato, MN which is one and one-half hours away. The cities of Fairmont, Mn, Algona, IA and Emmetsburg, IA are all around thirty miles away.


The library is located on Maple Street, the “main street” of Ringsted. We began in October 1925, when the Study Club started a traveling Library. The street provides adequate parking and a handicapped accessible space. The Ringsted Public Library is part of the North West Regional Library Service Area and the Emmet County Library Association. It participates in the Open Access and Access Plus programs.


The Library offers its patrons the usual circulation of books, DVD’s, Magazines, Puzzles, videos, and music CDs.  Internet is also available.  Programming includes a summer children's program and several Saturday morning craft times for the kids throughout the year.  For the information needs of older patrons, the Library Director can generally fill their needs with information in the Library's collection.  Monthly the library gets large print books loaned to the library.  The Library has about a 90 percent fill rate on the patrons non-fiction needs.  The Library has a large selection of adult fiction books including best sellers and current popular authors, plus a large selection of children's and juvenile fiction books.  Both of these sections are very popular with the patrons and there is about a 90+ percent fill rate of finding what they like.  The most popular collection is the best sellers. The magazines are popular with our browsing patrons and teens.  We have a nice selection of audio books for the adults.


The Library is established and maintained according to the local ordinance and has a legally appointed library board of 5 members to govern the operation of the Library.  The staff consists of one certified Library Director.  The Library has increased its open hours to 20 in the past year to comply with accreditation requirements.


Funds for support of the Library come from the City of Ringsted and Emmet County. The Ringsted City Council has shown great support for the Library.


The Ringsted Library uses a variety of sources to learn about the community; surveys, output measures, circulation statistics, census materials, and patron statistics. Also, rely on personal involvement, open communications, and good listening skills to keep informed about Ringsted and its people.


The Ringsted Public Library will continue to emphasize a variety of books, DVD’s, videos, music CDs, audio books, and reference materials including the Internet for the people of the community. The Library has selected its primary role as Popular Materials Library.








Ringsted Public Library



I.    Library Board


A.     According to the requirements of Ordinance #55 of Ringsted, the Library Board of the Ringsted Public Library shall consist of 5 members, appointed by the City Council. All board members shall be bona fide citizens over the age of 18 and residents with a Ringsted address. Each term shall be for 3 years. A board member shall be removed for failure to attend 4 consecutive meetings or for moving permanently from the area.


B.   The general powers and duties of the Ringsted Public Library Board are outlined in Chapter 378 of the Code of Iowa.


C.   The Board shall exercise its powers and duties by:


1.   Employing a competent and qualified Library Director.


2.   Cooperating with the Director in determining and adopting written policies to govern the operation and programs of the library including personnel policies and policies governing the selection of library materials, supplies, and equipment.


3.   Reporting to and cooperating with other public officials, boards, and the community as a whole to support a public relations program for the library.


4.   Assisting in the preparation and presentation of seeking adequate support for the annual budget.


5.   Developing a long-range plan with goals and objectives for the library and working for their achievement.


II.   Officers


A.  The officers of the Board shall consist of a President and a Secretary.  Their terms of office shall be for 2 years.  Officers shall be elected at the Annual Meeting and hold office until their successors are elected and installed.


III. Meetings


A.  Regular meetings shall be held monthly.  The day and time may be changed for the convenience of the Board/Director by a majority vote at a previous meeting.


B.   The Annual Meeting will be held in July each year, at which time election of officers will take place.


C.   Special meetings may be held at any time at the call of the President, Secretary, Director or at the call of any 2 members of the Board, provided that notice thereof be given to all Trustees at least 24 hours in advance of the special meeting.


D.  A quorum at any meeting shall consist of 3 or more members.



E.   Order of Business:


      Roll Call

      Approval of minutes of previous meeting


      Report of the Library Director

      Financial report and approval of expenditures

      Committee reports

      Unfinished business

      New Business



F.   An agenda for Board meetings shall be prepared by the Director in cooperation with the Board President.


G.  All meetings of the Board are open to members of the public who wish to observe.  Non-board members who wish to address the Board should request a place on the agenda not later than 24 hours before the time established for the meeting.  The request may be directed to the President, Secretary, or Director.


H.  Roberts Rules of Order shall govern in the parliamentary procedure of the Board.


IV. Committees


A.  The Board may appoint such special committees as may be needed from time to time.


V.   The Director


A.  The Library Director shall be the executive director of the policies adopted by the Board.  Among the duties and responsibilities shall be:


1.   To select library materials - books, magazines, pamphlets, video, etc.


2.   To maintain and operate the physical plant.


3.   To recruit, train, and assign members of the staff.


4.   To inform the Board continually and completely regarding the finances, public services, physical plant, personnel, collection, and all other developments, changes, and problems of the library.


5.   The Director shall be in attendance at all meetings of the Board.


VI. Amendments to By-Laws


A.  Amendments to these By-Laws may be adopted at any regular meeting of the Board.






Adopted by Ringsted Public Library Board October, 1996

Revised September 2005  Reviewed January 2009  Reviewed January 2013, 2018 Revised February 2020


Library Operations



Borrowers' Eligibility/Responsibility/Registration


Free library service is available to all residents of the town of Ringsted and the rural residents of Emmet County.  (Non-residents) who live outside Emmet County, in the neighboring counties, can receive free service through the Open Access program.  Service will not be denied or abridged because of religious, racial, social, economic or political status.  Persons confined to their homes or who find it difficult to come in due to physical, mental, or emotional limitations are encouraged to take advantage of our Homeward Bound services.


All borrowers will be responsible for damaged/lost materials both print and non-print and equipment while checked out to them.  Full replacement cost of lost materials and those damaged beyond repair will be charged.  Cost charged on damaged but repairable materials will be accrual cost of repair plus any other costs involved if any.  Parents are responsible for minor children.


To apply for a card, just ask the Library Director.


The library has a typewriter, computer, and microfilm reader which cannot be checked out, but may be used by the public in the library, in an orderly manner.  The library also has a fax machine for public use during open hours.


The computer is for public use with the Library Director's supervision.  The Library Director has the right to limit time if someone else wants to use it.  Patrons are responsible for resolving their own questions as well as for their own results.  The Library Director may refuse use of computer to any person because of knowledge of abuse of equipment.


The use of the library or its services may be denied for due cause.  Such cause may be failure to return books, failure to pay fines, destruction of library property, disturbance of other patrons, or any other objectionable conduct on library premises.  Patrons may be charged an amount equal to that necessary to repair or replace any item that has been damaged or destroyed by abuse or negligence.





The Ringsted Public Library Board of Trustees recognizes that the circulation records of this library are confidential in nature and advises all library personnel that such records shall not be made available to anyone, including any agency of Federal, State, or local government except pursuant to Federal, State, or local law relating to Civil, Criminal, or Administrative investigating power.  Furthermore, the Library will resist the issuance of or enforcement of any such process, order, or subpoena until such time as a proper showing of good cause has been made in a court of competent jurisdiction.







Material Selection/Weeding/Censorship


The Ringsted Public Library subscribes to the Library Bill of Rights of the American Library Assoc. which affirms its belief in the following basic policies.


1.   As a responsibility of library service, books and other reading matter selected should be chosen for values of interest, information, and enlightenment of all the people of the community.  In no case should any book be excluded because of race or nationality, or the political or religious views of the writer.

2.   There should be the fullest practicable provisions of material presenting all points of view concerning the problems and issues of our times.


Book selection is the responsibility of the Library Director.  He/she will select from the mass of available materials and organize for easy access, those materials which best meet the needs of the community within budget limitations. 


Our book selection policy will reflect our role as a Popular Materials Library.  Current popular fiction and non-fiction that is in high demand will be purchased to meet the recreational and educational needs of our patrons.  Although we cannot be everything to everyone, more formal educational needs that cannot be meet within our collection, will be meet through the use of the interlibrary loan services available.  All new acquisitions are placed on SILO.


Continuous reevaluation of the existing collection is systematically performed in order to maintain the effectiveness and quality of our resources.  Books which are obsolete, outdated, or worn are withdrawn from the collection.  Space must be effectively utilized.  Weeding is done at the discretion of the Library Director.  As weeding is a continual process to keep a fresh up-to-date collection, at least 3% of the collection will be withdrawn annually.  The Library Director will make the decision of the best way to discard of withdrawn materials.


It is the policy of this library to make available to everyone who needs or desires them, the widest possible diversity of views and modes of expression, including those which are strange, unorthodox, or unpopular.  We do not endorse every idea contained in the materials we make available.  We regard the race, nationality, personal history, or political affiliations of an author as irrelevant to the acceptance of his book.  Library materials are selected on the basis of interest, imagination, and demand in the community.  A great effort is made to provide a balanced collection.


The function of the library is to provide information, not to advocate a specific point of view.  All books shall be put out in open shelves except for those in need of repair or processing.  All library materials shall be available to all library patrons.  Limitations on juvenile reading or viewing is considered a parental responsibility and not a function of the library.


The library welcomes comments and criticisms of its collection.  Although no citizen has the right to prevent another from reading a specific book by demanding its removal from the shelves, careful consideration shall be given to any patron's objections to any part of any book.  The patron will be urged to fill out a Citizens Request For Reconsideration of Materials. This form must be presented to the Library Director so that the patron may submit a formal statement in preparation for a conference


A.  The Board and Library Director shall read the book and review it.

B.   A conference will be held with the complainant and the Board, including the Library Director.

C.   The decision concerning further use of the book will be made by the Board and Library Director by motion and vote. 



This method should serve to reassure citizens that thoughtful consideration is given to the selection of materials and also as a means of informing citizens that the Board will not be pressured by those who want only one point of view represented in the Public Library.


Open Borrowing Privileges


For the convenience of users, the library maintains a collection of materials for children, young adults, and adults and anyone may select from any part of the library collection.  To serve all ages, Ringsted Public Library selects materials from a broad range of political, economic, religious, or artistic viewpoints.  Whether it might be a book on sex education, information on controversial issues, or a video rated by the Motion Picture Assoc. of America.  On occasion, there may be materials that you, as a parent, may consider unsuitable for your own kids.  The Ringsted Public Library has a strong commitment to the policy of open access under which all materials are available to library users regardless of age.  Because we live in a democratic society which values freedom of thought and word, it is essential that the Public Library respect each person's right to information and confidentiality, no matter what age.  Therefore, it is the responsibility of those parents, who wish to do so, to monitor their own child's use of library materials according to their knowledge of the child's taste and sensitivity.




The library welcomes gifts of all types.  Gifts of cash are particularly welcome since they can most easily and quickly be used to implement the library's programs.  All other gifts are subject to the discretion of the Library Director and the Board of Trustees.  Gifts of money for the purchase of books and materials as memorials are welcomed. 



Freedom to Read Policy and Parental Responsibility


The Library Board of Trustees believes that while anyone is free to reject for himself/herself, library materials which he or she does not approve, the individual cannot restrict the freedom of others to read, view or listening of their own minor children.  The Library does not take the place or the parent or legal guardian.






 PAGE 10



Presented to Ringsted Public Library, Ringsted, Iowa


                                                                        Date of Request                                               






1.   To what in the material do you object?  Please be specific.


2.   What do you feel might be the result of using or reading this material?


3.   For what age group would you recommend this material?


4.   Is there anything good about this material?


5.   Did you read, view, or listen to the entire work?  If not, what parts?


6.   Are you aware of the judgment of this material by critics?


7.   What do you believe is the theme of this material?


8.   What would you like your library to do about this material?


9.   In its place, what material of equal quality would you recommend that would convey as valuable a picture and perspective of this subject?


10. Do you feel that you have been harmed by reading this material?





                        City                                           State                                       

                        Telephone No.                                                                                                 


                        If request made by other than individual, please state organization

                        or group you are representing.




Page 11




1.   Books


a.   Fiction:  The fiction collection involves choosing from a large variety of novels to meet the needs of the community.  The public's desire for popular fiction requires a large portion of current purchases be new publications.  Novels widely advertised, best sellers, discussed on TV or radio, or particular authors are regularly purchased because of demand.  This demand is met through purchasing both hardcover and paperback.


b.   Non-fiction:  In the selection of this, the Library Director will make an effort to consider the needs and interests of the community.  The usual criteria of authority, scope, up-to-date information, and overall quality shall be applied to non-fiction acquisitions.  This is met by purchasing both hardcover and paperback or other forms as seen fit.


c.   Reference:  Reference materials will be purchased as needed and demand indicates as determined by the Library Director. 


d.   Children's Materials:  Children's books will be selected to encourage kids to read and to be read to.  Books for the young reader will cover all areas of reading interests and seek to entertain, educate, and inform the reader.  Selections will range from board books for preschoolers to fiction and non-fiction for the older elementary school patron. 


e.   Special Collections:  Books of special interest will be added as demand and need warrant these additions.  Special collections may include, genealogy books, or Iowa books but are not limited to these.  Material will be added by purchases or gifts.  All materials given to the library for these collections become the property of the Ringsted Public Library.


2.   Periodicals:


      Subscriptions to magazines will cover a variety of interests and needs to satisfy the patron's demands.  Titles will be added or deleted as used, content and cost are considered on a yearly basis. 


3.   Non-Print Materials:


      Video, microfilm, CDs, computer programs, book/cassettes, and any other non-print materials will be added to the collection as patron demand and budget allows.







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Reference Services


Library Director will assist patrons in finding material and help do on-line searching to complete school assignments but will not do the assignment.


Conducts service on a "first-come, first-served basis" whether by phone or walk-in.


Give patrons prompt attention.  Time limit to return calls is as soon as possible.  All patrons are important in their search for information regardless of status and are treated with the utmost courtesy, respect, strict confidentiality and no censorship.


In helping patrons in their search for information, library staff must determine the need of the user by conducting a reference interview as follows:



1.   Academic level of student/patron.

2.   Recommend proper resources (ex. magazine rack/card cat.).

3.   Assist in finding material.

      a.   Show where books are on the shelf - do not point to area.

      b.   Show how to use computer/CD Rom applications.

      c.   Follow up to make sure patron is getting what they need.

4.   Be courteous and respectful.

5.   Keep an open mind.


Know that each patron feels his request is legitimate and important.









Adopted by Ringsted Public Library Board October, 1996

Revised September 2005  Reviewed January 2009  Reviewed January 2013 Reviewed November 2018

Addenda Freedom to read and Parental Responsibility February 2020




  1. The Internet access computer will be available during normal library hours, subject to periodic maintenance and certain times when the library staff will need to access the Internet for library research and Interlibrary Loan transactions, therefore this will take priority over patron use.


  2. Library staff will log users on and off the Internet.

  3. Patrons will be allowed computer time, whether on a reserved or walk-in basis, in the chronological order in which requests are received.  Computer time may be reserved in advance by calling or visiting the library and placing one's name on the reserve schedule.  The maximum length of computer time a person may reserve in one block is 30 minutes.  If a patron fails to show up by ten minutes after the beginning of his or her scheduled reserved time, the reservation will be considered as forfeited, and others may be allowed to use the computer.  If no one is waiting to use the computer, the patron may continue for a second 30 minute segment.


  4. No more than two persons using or watching the use of the computer at one time without the consent of the library staff.  If there are two people on the computer at the same time, the time allowed is still only 30 minutes, not 30 minutes per person.  Both people cannot sit there and one get up and the other person use another 30 minutes.  It is only a 30 minute time slot no matter if there is one or two people.  Limit per day is one hour.


  5. Patrons cannot send or receive e-mail (electronic mail) using the Library's e-mail address.  If they wish to send e-mail they need to set up their own account using gmail or other free e-mail sites.

  6. Patrons will not be allowed to order merchandise over the Internet.

  7. Patrons will not be allowed to download software from the Internet.

  8. You may not use your own software programs on the Internet Access computer.  This will help prevent computer viruses that are common on public computers.

  9. There is a .25 cents per page charge for printing.


10. You may not be able to always go to the places on the Internet you want to visit.  There are many reasons, among them:

      *there are too many Internet visitors and the host computer has closed or limited access from the "outside world"  *the database or resource is licensed to a particular institution, in which case you would need to be affiliated with the institution in order to get access          *the host computer has changed its address or has closed down      *the library's Internet connection may be periodically and temporarily inoperable due to technical difficulties.

      If a problem occurs that you are not able to get anything pulled up, please notify the staff and they will come and reset the computer.


11. Absolutely no food or drink is allowed in the computer area.

12. Misuse of computer or Internet access will result in the loss of your computer privileges.  The length of the suspension is at the discretion of the library staff.


Adopted by Ringsted Public Library Board November, 1998

Revised October, 2005  Reviewed January 2009  Reviewed January 2013, Revised August 2015 Reviewed September 2018.






Internet Access Registration and Use Agreement






Telephone Number (     )                                                  Work (     )                                        




The Ringsted Public Library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content.  As with other library materials, restriction of a child's access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent/legal guardian.


I have read, understood, and agree to abide by all the policies and rules governing Internet access and Internet computer use in the Ringsted Public Library.


I understand that failure to follow these rules will result in the loss of Internet access privileges.


I agree to pay any costs incurred through negligence, carelessness, or deliberate misuse.





Parent/Legal Guardian Signature (if under 18)                                                                           














Circulation Policy -- Ringsted Public Library



Circulating Material

1.     Books, magazines, and audio books may be checked out for a 2-week period. 


2.     All materials may be renewed for a 2-week period except those items on a reserve list.  These CANNOT be renewed.  There is no limit as to how many times an item may be renewed, except for new material, that is then up to the Library Director.


3.     Interlibrary loan materials circulate for approximately 1 month or at the discretion of the Library Director.  Ringsted Public Library will participate in ILL with Regional/State network and follow proper protocol and procedures, with a no fee policy on those we receive reimbursement for.  Reference material DOES NOT circulate.


DVD VHS and Audio Materials

1.     Materials are checked out with a two-open library day return.  There is no limit on how many may be checked out at one time.


2.     There will be no reserving of Dvd’s, VHS or Audio Materials.


3.     Patrons are responsible for any damage done to audio materials while in their care.  Audio materials will be replaced at full cost if damaged or lost. 


4.     Audio materials may be returned in the video drop.


5.     Patrons will honor any and all copyright and/or performance restrictions and is solely responsible in any legal action which may result from any possible copyright infringement.


Reserved materials

1.     Patrons may request that an item be held for them.


2.     The patron will be notified when the item is available for them.



Schedule of Fees


1.     Items ran off from computer are $.25 per page.


2.     A faxing service is offered to the public for the fee of $1.00 for first page and $.25 thereafter.


3.     Lamination fees  ½ sheet .50 full sheet 1.00





Adopted by Ringsted Public Library Board October, 1996

Revised October, 2005  Reviewed January 2009  Reviewed January 2013 Reviewed November 2018

Revised February 2020

Personnel Policies -- Ringsted Public Library





The Director of the Ringsted Public Library is hired by the Board of Trustees.  Ringsted Public Library is an equal opportunity employer.  Therefore, no discrimination or favoritism because of race, sex, marital status, political opinions, or religious affiliations will be tolerated.  The prospective Library Director will be certified by the State Library of Iowa or willing to become certified within 2 years.  Other employees are recommended by the Director to be approved by the Board of Trustees.





Library Director's salary should be enough to attract and keep a competent person.  This will be governed by budget limits, qualifications (Minimum high school graduate or GED), experience, minimum wage, and other similar positions.  Other employees' salaries should be comparable to those paid for comparable work. Salary range will be minimum wage up to $12 an hour.



Probationary Period


The probationary period for a new employee will be 6 months.  At which time, his/her performance will be reviewed by the Board of Trustees.  Proper action will then be taken of termination for unsatisfactory evaluation, another probationary period, or put on permanently.





The Director is required to give 1 month's written notice to the Board of Trustees.  All other employees are required to give 2 week's written notice to the Director.





Library Director and other employees are protected against unfair discharge or demotion without sufficient cause.  No such action may be taken without a proper hearing and will not be effective without a 1-month notice for the Director and a 2-week notice for other employees.



Maternity/Bereavement Leave


All employees may be granted, at the discretion of the Board of Trustees, leaves for the above reasons.








The library will be closed for the following holidays:

            New Year's Day

            Memorial Day

            4th of July (If falls on Sunday, Monday will be observed as the holiday)

            Labor Day

            Veteran’s Day

            Thanksgiving Day

            Christmas Eve

            Christmas Day

Other holiday closings will be determined by the Board of Trustees as deemed appropriate.


Weather Closing

The library will be closed due to weather as determined by the library director.




Time off work with pay, travel expenses, and registration fees will be allowed the Director for workshops, meetings, and classes that are necessary for certification/recertification, sponsored by the Regional Office/State Library/County Association.  Mileage will be paid at the same rate as the City Clerk receives.




Job performance of all staff will be evaluated yearly.  Board of Trustees will evaluate the Director and the Director will evaluate all other employees and report outcomes to the Board.


Fringe Benefits


All employees shall receive IPERS and Workman's Compensation.  Vacation and sick leave may be taken using comp. time or without pay if no comp. time is available.




Volunteer help will be encouraged and volunteers will be assured that their work is needed and appreciated by both the Board of Trustees and the community.  When volunteers make a definite commitment, they will be assigned work by the Director that is of interest to them and is commensurate with their abilities and experience.  Volunteers will be treated exactly like all other staff.  The Director will provide sufficient training and supervision and additional training will be encouraged.  The Director will help volunteers to become familiar with the library's policies and services so that they may help interpret them to patrons and to the community.  The same job performance will be expected from volunteers as from any staff member.





Adopted by Ringsted Public Library Board October, 1996

Revised October 2005  Reviewed January 2009  Revised January 2013  Reviewed November 2018 Revised February 2020


Director's Job Description


General Duties


Directly responsible for operation of the Library, day-to-day activities and programs pertaining to the library, generally given as:


A.  All facets of library circulation including:

            Reader guidance

            Reference service

            Checking out/in materials

            Reshelving materials

            Counting/recording statistics


B.   Interlibrary loan and reference requests, taking time to interview each patron tactfully and thoroughly and to complete each form carefully.  Responsible for mailing times, including interlibrary loan materials which leave the library each day.


C.   Maintain a neat, organized appearance in the library, includes janitorial duties.


D.  Initiates special activities and programs.


E.   Handles collection development, presentation, and repairing any damaged materials.


F.   Maintains and supervises use of the equipment owned by the library.


G.  Meets regularly with the staff to coordinate and clarify library procedures and policies.  Supervises on-going education of staff.



Specific Responsibilities:


A.  Carry out the goals and policies of the library as directed by the Board.


B.   Act as the technical advisor to the Library Board, recommending needed policies, procedures, and rules for Board action.


C.   Prepares reports as needed for Board, City, County, Regional LSA, and State Library.


D.  Prepare an annual budget for the library in consultation with the Board, updating the Board as to the financial status of the library.


E.   Attend all Board meetings as well as any special or committee meetings.


F.   Report regularly to the Board and, as needed, to the officials of the City and County as well as the general public.




G.  Know local/state laws; actively support library legislation in the state/nation.


H.  Attend professional meetings/workshops; affiliated with the State professional organizations.


I.    Select, order, process, and maintain all library materials.  Serve the interests and needs of all library users in accordance with Board policies.


J.    Recommend employment of all personnel, train and supervise their daily work and evaluate their performance yearly.


K.  Make use of the services of consultants of the State and Regional Library System. 


L.   Instigate plans for extending the library's services.


M.  Maintain an active program of public relations, speaking as requested to clubs/groups about library services, conduct tours, and library programs.  Write news releases for the local paper and for other publications as needed.


N.  Demonstrate high professional standards and instill a similar attitude in the staff.


O.  Handle all complaints and/or criticism thoughtfully and carefully, following the prescribed procedures.  Bring these matters to the attention of the Board on an information basis only -- unless further action is deemed necessary.


P.   Respond to all special and select assignments as the need arises.


Q.  Keep the channels of communication open.  Discuss promptly with the Board, the staff, or the patron, (separately or collectively) any problems concerning general operation of the library, policy, procedures, etc.





Adopted by Ringsted Public Library Board October, 1996

Revised October, 2005  Reviewed January 2009  Reviewed January 2013  Reviewed November 2018,

Revised February 2020